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Server to Server FTP, Cron, Podcasting...

From: Michael Hulse <>
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 21:33:02 -0800

Hello all,

First time posting to this list... I am looking forward to learning
more about cURL/PHP usages... nice to meet you all. :)

First, here is what I would like to do:
Transfer and MP3 file from one server to another server using a cron.

Details (sort-of):
Every week I manually download 3 MP3 files to my computer, I would like
to automate this by setting-up a Cron Job on my server that would cURL
the files and store them on my remote server. Then, using PHP (and
maybe cURL), I would like to generate a weekly RSS Podcast feed. Then,
every week, all I have to do is open iTunes and the file will
automatically download to my machine via iTunes support for Podcast

(1) What is the syntax via cURL to transfer a file from one server to
another? I tried doing this locally using (There are 3 .mp3 files I
need to grab, I was hoping I could grab them all using {}, but that did
not work, I was only able to download the first one and then I got a
ton of gibberish in terminal):

curl -O http://someServer/folder/folder/fileName-{22,23,00}.mp3

Each week the file names are the same. Example: fileName-22.mp3,
fileName-23.mp3, fileName-00.mp3.

(2) What do you think would be best for generating the RSS/Podcast
syntax? Should I bother using PHP to write a simple file, or can I tell
cURL to output a bit of RSS along with the transferring of the files?

Any links/help/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :D

Thanks in advance!

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