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Curl one form and two login script

From: DoM <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 01:00:39 +0100

Hi all,
i am a php newbie and i need info about how to use curl to let users log
in to one website and send same username and password to another login

My situation is:
- Principal authentication system phpbb
- Users must login to webmail squirrelmail too

phpbb and squirrelmail are on same web space and domain.
I think i cannot use session cause they use 2 different ones.
I tried anyway but without good results

Any ideas about howto implement curl to resolve my problem ?
Cause i am a php newbie link to any paper related will be really helpful
and esteem ^^

Thanks in advance


P.S. I read about curl on documentation but i dont understand
much about :\ I need to upgrade my mind ...
Received on 2005-11-18