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RE: cURL and IMAP - accessing a shared mailbox in an IMAP Exchange Server

From: Norton, Mike via curl-users <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 17:51:33 +0000

> --user "\sharedmailbox:mypass"

My version of Curl's manpage says this about --user:

"To specify the domain name use either Down-Level Logon Name or UPN (User Principal Name) formats. For example, EXAMPLE\user and respectively."

So I wonder if Curl is noticing the backslash and interpreting your input as domain="" and username="sharedmailbox". Or maybe Curl is NOT interpreting it that way but that's how Exchange is expecting it.

Maybe Curl is interpreting your input as username="allan" and domain="\sharedmailbox".

Have you tried any variations of the down-level logon name format? E.g. "COMPANY\allan\sharedmailbox"? Or maybe the reverse? E.g. ""? Just some guesses to maybe trick whatever wrong interpretation is happening into behaving.


Received on 2020-07-24