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[Security] Possible buffer overrun in a debug function

From: Nicolas Went via curl-users <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 22:49:29 +0200


We are students charged to do a security review of the program curl.

We send this message because we found a possible buffer overrun inside
of a debug function in file tool_main.c:

Here is the code, ligns 102 to 132,

static void memory_tracking_init(void)
   char *env;
   /* if CURL_MEMDEBUG is set, this starts memory tracking message
logging */
   env = curlx_getenv("CURL_MEMDEBUG");
   if(env) {
     /* use the value as file name */
     char fname[CURL_MT_LOGFNAME_BUFSIZE];
     if(strlen(env) >= CURL_MT_LOGFNAME_BUFSIZE)
       env[CURL_MT_LOGFNAME_BUFSIZE-1] = '\0';
     strcpy(fname, env);
     /* this weird stuff here is to make curl_free() get called before
        curl_gdb_memdebug() as otherwise memory tracking will log a free()
        without an alloc! */
   /* if CURL_MEMLIMIT is set, this enables fail-on-alloc-number-N
feature */
   env = curlx_getenv("CURL_MEMLIMIT");
   if(env) {
     char *endptr;
     long num = strtol(env, &endptr, 10);
     if((endptr != env) && (endptr == env + strlen(env)) && (num > 0))
#  define memory_tracking_init() Curl_nop_stmt

As you can see there is the function strcpy used lign 12 there and lign
113 in the real file.

This function is unsafe to use since it can lead to buffer overruns if
the destination size is smaller than the source size. Which can be the
case there since we copy a string of size depending on the maccro
CURL_MT_LOGFNAME_BUFSIZE, which definition can depend (we found one
equal to 512) and the string env is at destination, which size is not
defined is the manual of curlx_getenv.

And only the case when the size of env is higher than the size of fname
is tested but not the opposit.

We suggest to use strncpy instead of strcpy to ensure safe use.

Since this problem is only located in a debug function, we don't think
that it is legitimate to post it inside of their bounty bug hunter.

Thats why we decided to post in their public mailing list. We hope that
it is the right place to post these kind of problems.

If we are wrong posting there or wrong is our explication, I hope that
you would be indulgent with us :) we are just students.

We hope that this report can contribute to the curl project.

Nicolas Went
Received on 2020-07-25