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RE: HTTPS POST with Reply

From: Lamar, Dave <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 12:09:09 -0700

Kevin -
    When I attempt to open the url in a browser I get -
 There has been an error.
Requested file is not found on server.
I don;t think the vendor intended for it to be accessed via a browser.
They actually send a java script for this process, but I didn't want to
have to install java just for this one application.
Thanks for the input.


[] On Behalf Of Kevin Carothers
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 11:59 AM
To: the curl tool
Subject: Re: HTTPS POST with Reply

Hi Dave-

On 9/15/06, Lamar, Dave <> wrote:

        Kevin -
            According to the vendor, this is all the information they
are requesting.
        As noted originally, it does appear to be working because the
last valid password is no longer valid, but without a reply, I have no
idea what the new password is.

    My experience over the years has been that pretty much ANYTHING you
can do in a browser, you can do in CURL- but it can be very difficult
to see what browser's are doing (in partnership with the servr)

  Does your "request new passwd" function work in a browser? if yes,
then you will have to dig deeper to see what the client-side request is
actually communicating to the server with.... this will mean you have to
look at everything in the browser HTML between the <form> tags and
sending that up to your vendor's site.

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