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RE: Trouble transversing two firewalls w/ passive ftp

From: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 17:04:59 +0100

> A - you block the server from connecting back to you, so you
> can't use PORT
> B - the server is bad and responds with a bad IP, so you
> can't use PASV
> Conclusion: you simply cannot speak FTP with this server
> unless you change
> something in the network environment. This is nothing curl
> can do anything
> about.

To get A working you definitly need a firewall with knowlegde about the FTP

I sleightly disagree on B, the nat on the firewall is not good enough.
It should modiy the response also and not just the IP packets.
(Linux Netfilter: ipt_conntrack_ftp)

A better firewall might just do the trick or configure it correctly.
A linux firewall without the conntrack_ftp module also won't work.
And many firewalls (even the cheap ones) can be aware of this issue if
configured correctly.

Kind Regards,
Nico Baggus
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