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Curl leaving lots of Apache threads around - why?

From: Fletcher Cocquyt <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 21:51:37 -0700

We employ curl (curl 7.10.4 (sparc-sun-solaris2.9) libcurl/7.10.4
OpenSSL/0.9.7a zlib/1.1.4
) heavily to monitor our different webapps (apache 2.0.48 + tomcat
The command looks like:
time curl -s -netrc-optional -k -m 25 -i {URL to monitor}
I run the script every 5 minutes and graph the latency in cacti.
The problem is, the apache threads associated with these curl calls do
not disappear - but stick around in "sending reply" mode - as reported
by the apache 2.0.48 extended status stats.
I know the URLs are actually returning and not timing out because the
graphs would reveal timeouts.
I am puzzled why curl is exhibiting this behaviour with apache.
Eventually I have to HUP the apache server to clear the threads.
Thanks for any insight!
Fletcher Cocquyt
Senior Systems Administrator
Received on 2004-06-30