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Certificate Help - FTPS

From: <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 15:49:51 +0000


I am currently configuring Curl to connect to Cute FTP via ftps. I have placed the server certificate into the curl-ca-bundle.crt file and I can connect to the server implicitly without a problem. When I force explicit connections on the server and demand that check for a client certificate it doesn't work. What I have done:

Kept the CA Server certificate in the bundle.
Placed the client's .crt and .key file in the directory of CURL. My syntax is as follows:

c:\curl>curl ftps://username:password_at_website:443 -T c:\test.txt --verbose --cert jenclient.crt --key jenclient.key

Anyway, I get no error. Closing connection #0.

Any advice?

Thank you!!

Received on 2004-06-16