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Re: cURL and openssl

From: Ralph Mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 01:26:50 -0500

Further obsservations on the configure problem:

Removing the openssl-devel rpm made the /usr/include/openssl directory go away.
Configure was still happily finding the openssl include files, though, so it must
have been looking in the new openssl directory, as specified with:

    ./configure --with-ssl=/usr/local/openssl-0.9.6d

Just for grins, I went back and recreated /usr/include/openssl and put an empty
engine.h file in it. The above configure command then found that file and set
curl up to use it... Of course, the build failed miserably because the file was
empty... :)

So in conclusion, configure *is* looking where I tell it for the openssl header
files, but it is *also* looking in /usr/include/openssl. Anybody know enough
about configure to say if that behaviour can be modified??

Ralph Mitchell

Ralph Mitchell wrote:

> I think there may be a problem with configure...


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