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Compile for HPUX with OpenSSL

From: John Horn <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 17:39:11 -0400

I've read dozens of the posts made here already, and I still can't get this

I installed the pre-compiled OpenSSL package from the HPUX Porting Centre.
(It ends up in "/opt/openssl"). Next, I downloaded the source for cURL and
tried to compile it (configure --with-ssl), getting the messages:
checking for CRYPTO_lock in -lcrypto... no
checking for CRYPTO_add_lock in -lcrypto... no
configure: error: OpenSSL libs and/or directories were not found where

Next, I tried "configure --with-ssl=/opt/openssl", getting the same results.
  I also tried setting the lib and include paths in my environment.

There is not a cache file and "make distclean" doesn't clear anything up.


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Received on 2002-04-19