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LDAP and cygwin (plus another tiny patch)

From: Roth, Kevin P. <>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 13:50:13 -0500

I'm trying to see if LDAP works under cygwin. So I downloaded OpenLDAP
and compiled (cleanly I think) just the client tools (disabled slapd
since I don't care to run a server), and I `make install`'ed it too. I
also tried rebuilding curl after doing this. I get the following
behavior (both before and after downloading OpenLDAP):

$ curl -v -i ldap://
* Connected to (XX.X.XX.XXX)
* LDAP: ldap:// (nil)
curl: (40) The needed LDAP library/libraries couldn't be opened

Is there anything obvious to you from this? OpenLDAP probably installed
itself to /usr/local/{bin,lib,include,etc}, whereas most everything that
comes with cygwin goes into /usr/{bin,lib,include,etc}. I don't quite
know how to know for sure if this is my problem.

Unrelated, but here's a small patch to update the cygwin README file,
and also to update the Makefile to add the MITX.txt file to the binary

Received on 2001-11-16