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Re: Need Some Help Installing OpenSSL

From: Jeff Miller <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 17:43:14 -0500

>1. How did files refering to curl end up in the libs and include
    directories? I thought the configure failed?

I first installed cURL without SSL as per your instructions in your initial

>When you've unpacked it, run './config' and then 'make' and 'make install'.
>If you'd rather install OpenSSL in your home directory, as you don't have
>root access, then run the config like this instead:
>./config --prefix=$HOME
>and the others like explained above.
>After it is installed, you can make curl's configure script find it by
using it like this:
>./configure --with-ssl=$HOME


2. You did './config --prefix=$HOME', and then HOME turned out to be

3. Then, just afterwards you do
    "./configure --with-ssl=$HOME --prefix=$HOME" in curl's directory, and
    then all of a sudden HOME is "/home/USERID" !!

That is correct. When I told openssl to install it in HOME it installed it
under modules/openssl-0.9.6b but when I told cURL to install at HOME it is
under /home/USERID. It's strange.


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Received on 2001-11-14