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Re: what i'm doing wrong?

From: SM <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 06:10:13 +0400

At 10:28 12-11-2001 +1000, STEVE STEFANOVICH wrote:
>The output that happens in Internet Explorer is that I get the table of
contents with the links enabled. I've tried to impersonate the browser with
curl (-a or whatever) and I get the same result (nothing).

It takes more than the agent signature to impersonate a browser. I have
come across a few webpages which use Javascript to prevent people from
using other agents to download a webpage.

>I guess the php script on the other side creates the page dynamically
based on what's sent back - username/password obviously, but it looks it's
something else besides - browser? cookies? What else can I try to mimic IE
passing that info back?

I suggest making a dump of the session using a sniffer. That should show
you what you need to do to mimic IE.

Received on 2001-11-12