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Re: what i'm doing wrong?

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 10:28:57 +1000

Hold your horses, mate, I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm trying to find out how can I get the same results as with the browser.

The output that happens in Internet Explorer is that I get the table of contents with the links enabled. I've tried to impersonate the browser with curl (-a or whatever) and I get the same result (nothing).

I guess the php script on the other side creates the page dynamically based on what's sent back - username/password obviously, but it looks it's something else besides - browser? cookies? What else can I try to mimic IE passing that info back?


>>> 11/08/01 06:59pm >>>
On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, STEVE STEFANOVICH wrote:

[biiiiiiiiiiiig snip]

So, you showed us a lot of commands and output that you claim is wrong. In
what way is that wrong? What is the supposed output? You could see for
yourself how you ended up getting a 302 code back with Content-Length: 0.

Zero content-length means no content.

It is not obvious to me that there's anything wrong anywhere in that picture.

I might also be a bit hit by the flow of questions in this style that we get.

> And yes, it is curl 7.9 - I'll try 7.9.1 if there's Windows binary
> available (would it make a difference though?..)

There is a 7.9.1 windows binary, and I don't think there is gonna be a big
difference, no. You shouldn't get the (null) strings in the cookie jars

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