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RE: IMPORTANT: Notice To Post For cURL Users

From: F Laborde <>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 21:37:28 -0500

Using the precompiled win32 PHP4.05 package, whenever one tries to use the
cURL extension, the system indicates it can't find MSVCR70.DLL...

I am guessing (but please correct me if I'm wrong) that apache/php asks for
this DLL because the binary was compiled with a newer version of Visual
Studios (version 7.0? .NET? ) that comes with this DLL -- and so if we don't
have a newer Microsoft product that would install this DLL, we'll have to
work around it. Ideal solution: compile the win32 version with an older
visual studios (6.0?) that shouldn't claim to need this DLL.

*However* in the meantime, the work around (that appears to be fully working
for me) is to copy the msvcrt.dll into the requested missing DLL
(msvcf70.dll) -- then apache + php 4.05 will load with teh cURL extension no


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On Sun, 13 May 2001, Filipe Laborde-Basto wrote:

(CC'ed to the curl mailing list.)

> Could you please include this in the archive or at least post it
> prominently on your website for WIN32 cURL users:
> * Rename a *copy* of MSVCRT.DLL to MSVCR70.DLL (and put in system32
> directory)

> * MSVCR70.DLL only comes with the new .NET Microsoft package, but is not
> needed, we can use the old DLL but simply rename it and cURL will work

I think you left out the most important detail:


AFAIK, win32 users can already use curl and libcurl.dll, what extra
functionality does this copy offer?

The mentioning you refer to on claims this is "the only
way" to make 'php_curl" work on NT4.0. Well, isn't there something wrong
if this weird behavour is required? Can't we fix the problem instead of
a work-around?

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