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Fwd: FW: Reg: Issue with libcurl (https call)

From: karthikeyan Sivakkumar via curl-library <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2019 10:52:24 +0530

Hi Team,

We have a developed a C application that makes a http/https call for third
party from fraud check using curl library. While testing the same we are
facing the below issue.
Kindly help us in resolving this issue at the earliest possible.

   1. *Brief introduction about the issue:*
      1. We have developed a new service ( mqtpreauth ) which will make a
      http/https call with some data (for third party fraud check).
      2. We have successfully tested all type of transactions with http
      3. Later when we tried to test with the https call, we faced issue in
      libcurl library and reported to product team *This was with libcurl.a
      version 7.64*.
      4. After that, product team has installed / upgraded the libcurl and
      other libraries with the latest versions - *product team installaed
      libcurl.a version 7.66*
      5. After this installation, we have re-compiled the binaries (no
      change in the source code) and moved to out SIT/UAT servers.
      6. In this binary compiled with *libcurl version 7.66,* we are not
      able to test both http and https. *All the cases that were
      successfully tested for multiple runs in the binary compiled with 7.64
      libcurl.a version are failing in the binary compiled with 7.66 version*
      7. We re facing segmentation fault in the 'appending header' section
      itself. This behavior is consistent and dbx analysis as well as truss
      command output point to the same curl_slist_append() function call as the
      reason for the segmentation fault.
      8. We are suspecting that this might be an issue with the new libcurl

*The below is the screenshot for the “dbx” command. (attached the images
   too for your reference) *

The function call *Curl_slist_append_nodup*() is called and then the
program crashed.

   1. *The below is the screenshot of truss command ( where it crashed ). *

Here *38216* is the line number in the o/p.

We have attached the full o/p of truss command as well for your reference.

In brief, we faced issue only with https call in libcurl 7.64 version, but
we are facing issues (in curl_slist_append_dup) function in libcurl 7.66
version and hence we are not able to test both http as well as https calls.

Kindly help us in resolving this bottleneck.

Thanks in advance,
Karthikeyan T S

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dbx_Segmentation_fault_Run1.png truss_output_snapshot.jpg dbx_Segmentation_fault_Run_2.jpg
Received on 2019-10-28