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Re: make "HTTP/0.9" support opt-in ?

From: Dennis Clarke <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018 11:10:09 -0400

> libcurl supports HTTP/0.9 by default, which might come as a surprise to
> users. Around 3% of users in the annual survey claim they use HTTP/0.9
> with curl.

     It may be of value to create a curl/libcurl "policy" wherein the
annual survey data may indicate the degree to which a feature is an
opt-in or a default feature. In this way one would be able to say that
there is less than a 5% usage rate for a given feature and thus it is
now an "opt-in" component. That avoids the entire discussion and also
renders the project policy as something well understood. There may be
other such "features" that are barely used at all but adding to the
size and complexity of a day to day essential tool and lib. Just my

As for http/0.9, feels like it is below the low watermark but this is
just a feeling.


Received on 2018-07-02