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RE: Assigning "sub maintainers" for Windows and cmake!

From: Kees Dekker <>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 12:13:25 +0000

> Any takers?
> I do a lot of stuff in this project. I merge something like 80% of all commits
> and I (currently) author around 60% of all commits. I do this because I think
> it's fun and I enjoy doing it. And I feel that know the technologies involved.
> There are however two specific areas that are *definately* not my areas of
> expertise and I sense that our project suffers a bit because I don't easily
> merge patches done within those areas and there's an unclear situation on
> how
> to go about and get things done there.
> I'm talking about cmake and Windows.

Hi Daniel,

I understand the described need, but I simply don't have time (and support by management).

It also does not help that there are (correct me if I'm wrong) at least 3 methods in building cURL on Windows:
1. solution files
2. cmake
3. nmake

I understand that 'everybody is liking his own preferred method' (in my case #3), but it also makes that the few maintainers/contributors available only check one or probably 2 out of 3 available methods. That is encouraging inefficiency in my opinion. I know, that if someone decides to flavor one of these 3, I may also suffer from dropping the other two.

I addition: remaining to support Windows from archaic to up-to-date Windows and Visual Studio versions, including mingw and other flavors, means that 'not solely support' is wanted, but 'broad knowledge' over a wide range. If it is possible to limit the list of support Windows versions, and e.g. say: if you use mingw, use native Linux instead (not sure whether that is possible), or anything else, then the wide range of Windows variations may get reduced. Actually, full support of Windows (due to the support of very old stuff) is almost as difficult as support all *NIX flavors. As *NIX world has a much bigger 'common sense in keeping compatible' (compared to Windows), you may like to consider this. Otherwise, contribution of Windows people is (I guess) too much work.

Just my 2 cents. I hope that these are useful to you.


Received on 2018-05-22