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Re: SMB: unable to upload file to a subfolder: remote file not found

From: Ivan Pilipenko <>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 13:49:36 +0200 (CEST)

> René Berber <> hat am 18. Mai 2018 um 21:04 geschrieben:
> Usually the problem is with permissions. At least for me when working
> with a Linux server that is running Samba/CIFS.
> And I don't mean the permissions as seen on the Windows side, those are
> not always useful. The main thing is ownership and permissions, and how
> Samba (if involved) might map them (or not).
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> R. Berber
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Thank you for your reply.

There seem to be several issues:
- using smbclient and empty credentials, I can create folders and put files, but not overwrite files
- using smbclient and valid credentials, I can create folders and put files, as well as overwrite them

- using curl and empty credentials, I can put files into root, but not into folders created by smbclient
- using curl and valid credentials, I can't even log in: I am getting "login denied (67)"

I am using the same credentials for smbclient and curl (the binary package of the OS, as well as libcurl + my implementation), so I expected them to at least behave the same.

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