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Re: Multipart POSTs with large bodies

From: Reese Grimsley via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2017 12:47:24 -0500

Hopefully this helps clear up what I am trying to ask, here is an excerpt
of the documentation I am referring to: "This event should be sent to AVS
as a multipart message: the first part a JSON-formatted object, the second
part binary audio captured by the microphone. We encourage streaming
(chunking) captured audio to the Alexa Voice Service to reduce latency; the
stream should contain 10ms of captured audio per chunk (320 bytes)".

I am trying to get a member on the forums to clear up the format for the
input audio, but the documentation just asks for a binary audio attachment
as the second part, so I would guess that the contents could either be a
file containing the data (e.g. just a txt file of integers) or an array of
that data. Considering it now, the formadd() should not be difficult to
set up, so I suppose that answers my question there.

So if I wish to stream the audio as stated above, should I try to use
CURLFORM_STREAM with a callback function? If I understand it right, I
would need to setup a callback function, and use the file to upload as the
parameter for CURLFORM_STREAM and its name for CURLFORM_FILENAME in
formadd, as well as setup the CURLOPT_READFUNCTION to use said callback.
Is the size of the buffer handled automatically by curl, or is there a way
to define it? Thank you.

On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 5:50 PM, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Apr 2017, Reese Grimsley via curl-library wrote:
> I need to send audio data in the second part of a multi-part POST over
>> HTTP2, in which the data should be broken into "frames" of 320 bytes each.
>> I am using the multi API, and have it set so that this connection is
>> multiplexed with a few others. I am wondering if libcurl by default sends
>> all data for the entire POST at one time, or if anything is broken up into
>> smaller packets.
> Well, it sends it all, but of course it sends the whole thing in a series
> of "smaller packets".
> The documentation of the recipient suggests that the audio data is just
>> going to be a stream encoded binary data, so I am led to believe that I am
>> not uploading a file, just the set of data.
> Is there a difference? A file is just data with a label on it, stored in a
> file system.
> Is this sort of operation supported by formadd() and HTTPPOST?
> I don't think I understand what you mean. You can create a multipart
> formpost with curl_formadd() and such a formpost can be sent by libcurl...
> If you can clarify exactly what you need or want the formposts part to
> contain or look like, I can help you do the right formadd.
> Otherwise I will need to set up the POST field, and use the
>> POSTFIELDSIZE_LARGE option, correct?
> If you rather construct the request body yourself, yes.
> The data to upload will most likely be in the range of 100kB to 1MB. My
>> main question is how to send a ensure that a POST message is sent piece by
>> piece.
> It does (without getting into the exact specifics since I believe you want
> the simplified answer here), but you don't have to care about that as it
> doesn't matter for an application. It's HTTP and TCP after all and libcurl
> will send the data you ask it to send. libcurl can't send "all data at
> once". Data is sent and delivered one bit at a time over the wire.
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