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RE: proposed changes for winbuild makefile

From: Rod Widdowson <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 15:55:31 -0000

> I don't know whether there is a practical use of building each flavor in its own output directory. Please let me know if you want such. I
> still find this makefile (too) complex.

It’s the way Curl the builds currently work and the way the previous generation worked so I suspect that you'd get significant push back if you changed it.

We need something _like_ that because we build 4 versions (x86,x64) x (Debug, Release) in series for all our dependencies so we cannot have them all going to the same place. OpenSSL does this and the way we handle that is to build all the way to sw_install and then "install" to the directories called (Win32, Win32Debug, x64, x64Debug). As an aside we can then just pop that into WITH_DEVEL when building curl.

However for the four types, we always build the same sub-flavour (zlib-dll, ssh-dll, mode=dll, winssl=no) .


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