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Re: Another WinCE issue

From: Henri Hein <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 12:14:17 -0700

On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 11:04 AM, Jacques Dubé <> wrote:
> However, now that I have a compiled version of cURL, my program can’t link
> it : in other word it compile but don’t work. Since I’m not well versed in
> open source projects, I need to call for help here. How can I obtain a WinCE
> version of cURL that actually work (I just need the basic, no SSL stuff)?

Based on your other comments, I think you mean that you successfully
built the libcurl DLL, but that it won't load at runtime.

Do you use early binding or late binding? IOW, do you link with
libcurl.lib, or do you use LoadLibrary to load libcurl.dll?
Try to make a small sample that uses LoadLibrary() to load libcurl.dll,
then report the result of LoadLibrary() and GetLastError().

> · The library compiled, but I get a lot of warning (signed/unsigned
> mismatch, cast truncate, etc.)

The team is doing a great job minimizing warnings, but it is pretty
tough to eliminate them completely, given the range of toolchains
and SDKs the codebase has to work with.

> · The process won't start on CE as soon as I call curl_global_init
> (can’t even reach the first line of the main in debug)

This is conflicting. If you cannot enter main, how are you calling
curl_global_init? Do not call it from a static initialization

> · The application and the dll are in the same work folder. Also
> tried to put the dll in the Windows folder, same result

It does not sound like it has an issue finding the dll, but in loading
it. Try to build the curl dll and generate a .map file, then examine
the map file to see which symbols and modules you might be
missing at runtime.

  - Henri


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