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Another WinCE issue

From: Jacques Dubť <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2016 14:04:47 -0400

I guys,

Iím currently trying to compile a working version of cURL for WinCE 6.00
Pro. After some days of effort, I finally managed to compile cURL (7.49.1)
for my WinCE SDK using wcecompat library, the visual studio project (VC9) of
the project folder and following the steps at
ows-ce/. (I fetched the master of the linked repository for wcecompat)


However, now that I have a compiled version of cURL, my program canít link
it : in other word it compile but donít work. Since Iím not well versed in
open source projects, I need to call for help here. How can I obtain a WinCE
version of cURL that actually work (I just need the basic, no SSL stuff)?


Mainly, here is what I did to compile:

∑ Created a project for my SDK at the location of the libcurl VC9
project (I used the curl-all solution)

∑ Ignored curl project in compilation to only compile libcurl

∑ In Visual Studio 2008, removed all files and filters created in my
new project

∑ Copied the project properties from the libcurl project

∑ Dragged & dropped the files and filters from the libcurl project
in my project

∑ Replaced config-win32.h by config-win32ce.h and edited the file
the way it was specified in stasyan wordpress

∑ In linker input, replaced ws2_win32.lib by ws2.lib and make
reference to wcecompat

∑ Fetched wldap32.lib from the Platform Builder (VS2005)

∑ Added references and paths to wcecompat library


Additional informations:

∑ The library compiled, but I get a lot of warning (signed/unsigned
mismatch, cast truncate, etc.)

∑ The process won't start on CE as soon as I call curl_global_init
(canít even reach the first line of the main in debug)

∑ The application and the dll are in the same work folder. Also
tried to put the dll in the Windows folder, same result

∑ I had to not treat wchat_t as Built-in type for wcecompat and
libcurl, as specified in stasyan wordpress

∑ wcecompat was build and added to cURL as a static library. (No
dll, just a lib)

∑ If I donít call any cURL functions, the program start


WinCE System Infos:

∑ WinCE 6.00 Professionnal

∑ X86 processor

∑ It is not a Pocket PC, a Smartphone or a Windows Mobile. Itís just
a small touch screen (like a GPS) running WinCE.


Iím not sure if I can add attachments here, so I will send files if
required. Your help is appreciated.


P.S.: I tried to compile curl.exe to compile and it failed. Here are the

Error 10 error C2064: term does not evaluate to a function
taking 302 arguments
c:\LocalSoft\CURL\curl-7.49.1\src\tool_dirhie.c 132

Error 9 error C2065: 'mkdir' : undeclared identifier
c:\LocalSoft\CURL\curl-7.49.1\src\tool_dirhie.c 132

Error 2 error C2198: '_wceopen' : too few arguments for
call c:\LocalSoft\CURL\curl-7.49.1\src\tool_operate.c

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