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libcurl crahes when an SFTP server's home directory is non-exist

From: ????? _ <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2016 05:41:53 +0000


       I met a crash issue when using libcurl to download file from an SFTP server.
       The server software is Bitvise SSH server 6.47. Client is running on CentOS 7.
        The issue happens when I accidentally set a user's real root path to an non-exsit directory.

        I compiled a debug .so with version 7.49.1 and tried a little dig in.
        Below is part of the trace
       (gdb) bt
#0 0x00007fca58a668f1 in __strlen_sse2_pminub () from /lib64/
#1 0x00007fca5abed10f in ssh_getworkingpath (conn=0x7fc9580131d8, homedir=0x0, path=0x7fc958013b98) at ssh.c:441
#2 0x00007fca5abeea81 in ssh_statemach_act (conn=0x7fc9580131d8, block=0x7fc9be7fb223) at ssh.c:1182
#3 0x00007fca5abf3377 in ssh_multi_statemach (conn=0x7fc9580131d8, done=0x7fc9be7fb343) at ssh.c:2810
#4 0x00007fca5abf3c31 in sftp_perform (conn=0x7fc9580131d8, connected=0x7fc9be7fb297, dophase_done=0x7fc9be7fb343) at ssh.c:3185
#5 0x00007fca5abf3942 in ssh_do (conn=0x7fc9580131d8, done=0x7fc9be7fb343) at ssh.c:3041
#6 0x00007fca5abe0f99 in multi_do (connp=0x7fc9580009a8, done=0x7fc9be7fb343) at multi.c:1230
#7 0x00007fca5abe1c66 in multi_runsingle (multi=0x7fc958009ad8, now=..., data=0x7fc958000998) at multi.c:1627
#8 0x00007fca5abe2bcc in curl_multi_perform (multi_handle=0x7fc958009ad8, running_handles=0x7fc9be7fb4fc) at multi.c:2122
#9 0x00007fca5abd71c0 in easy_transfer (multi=0x7fc958009ad8) at easy.c:726
#10 0x00007fca5abd739d in easy_perform (data=0x7fc958000998, events=false) at easy.c:813
#11 0x00007fca5abd73e7 in curl_easy_perform (easy=0x7fc958000998) at easy.c:832

        Line 441 of ssh.c
             size_t homelen = strlen(homedir);

        homedir is a NULL pointer here.

       Tracking back it seems the problem is at state SSH_SFTP_REALPATH (ssh.c line 1139 -1179)

      char tempHome[PATH_MAX];

       * Get the "home" directory
      rc = sftp_libssh2_realpath(sshc->sftp_session, ".",
                                 tempHome, PATH_MAX-1);
      if(rc == LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN) {
      else if(rc > 0) {
        /* It seems that this string is not always NULL terminated */
        tempHome[rc] = '\0';
        sshc->homedir = strdup(tempHome);
        if(!sshc->homedir) {
          state(conn, SSH_SFTP_CLOSE);
          sshc->actualcode = CURLE_OUT_OF_MEMORY;
        conn->data->state.most_recent_ftp_entrypath = sshc->homedir;
      else {
        /* Return the error type */
        err = sftp_libssh2_last_error(sshc->sftp_session);
        result = sftp_libssh2_error_to_CURLE(err);
        sshc->actualcode = result?result:CURLE_SSH;

        DEBUGF(infof(data, "error = %d makes libcurl = %d\n",
                     err, (int)result));
        state(conn, SSH_STOP);

    In this case , the "rc" returned by libssh2 is 0 ( I dumped the values with gdb),
    it runs into the "else" branch, while "err" and "result" are 0 too.

    This leaves sshc->homedir not set but return a result of CURLE_OK.
    The state machine will continue working and finally to access the NULL homedir.
    Could someone help to confirm if this is an issue?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for the long mail.

Best Regards!
Huo Jiachuan

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