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RE: Build libcurl with NSS support

From: Cody Pritchard (cpritchard) <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 18:53:05 +0000

> From the attached config.log it is obvious that there is no usable pkg-config executable available in $PATH. The pkg-config executable is not going to be installed by NSS. pkg-config is a standalone software
> project that needs to be installed separately.
> On the other hand, NSS may install the nss-config executable script. If you want to make curl's configure script try to use nss-config, you need to use the --with-nss option without specifying any path.
> Instead of that, set the $PATH environment variable such that the nss-config executable is available.\

Can you give any help as to where I can find that pkg-config software? I have done many searches on line for anything referencing it and have had no luck so far.

And there is no nss-config executable script. If it would be of any help I can zip up my nss-3.24 directory and attach it for you to inspect.

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