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CoAP support in libcurl for the Internet of Things

From: Joachim Bauernberger <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2016 14:25:53 +0200

Hi Daniel and all,

would there be any plans or roadmap to integrate support for CoAP in libcurl?
It was once proposed in 2013[0] but it was very early stages back then.

Meanwhile the standardisation groups like W3C (WoT WG) and communities have come a long way building actual hands on solutions. Also interest increases in the open source communities in this topic. But because of lack of support in the popular libraries, most implementation's are either commercial and/or reinvent the wheel in some way.
libcurl seems an awesome place to handle this. It would make it also incredibly easy to build application level proxying[1][2] with minimal dependencies.


best regards,
Joachim Bauernberger

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