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Aw: Re: (Secure) Websockets using libcurl

From: Patrick Rathje <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 18:27:04 +0200

On 18/05/16 11:25 Frank Meier wrote:
> Hi Patrick
> If you like to get your hands dirty, you could have a look at my
> approaches (patches) mentioned in
> The second patch which enables you to retrieve the the active connection
> socket I use productively for some time now.
> cheers, Frank

thank you for your answer.

I am linking libcurl dynamically at the moment and I need to support different operating systems as well.
So I would prefer a way without patching. (Static linking might not be a bad idea either (I will think about it ;) ).

If I assume that there is no other way of achieving the reuse of an open TCP-Connection between two handles:

Is there a way to parse the HTTP-Headers using the built-in libcurl functions? Or does one have to parse the Headers manually?


Patrick Rathje
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