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From: Gisle Vanem <>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 13:40:05 +0100

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> Yes! I would agree that your latter version is easier on the eye and thus a better way to express that code.
> Maybe expressed like this:
> "Please use space on both sides of operators in C expressions"


Speaking of "easier on the eye". Calling of func-pointers like:
  cb(user, el->ptr); (hash.c / 224).

is IMHO clearer if it was written like:
  (*cb)(user, el->ptr);

Hence, no need to lift the eyes up to the start to
understand what 'cb' is:
  Curl_hash_apply(curl_hash *h, void *user,
                  void (*cb)(void *user, void *ptr))

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