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Re: Problem with 64 vs 32 bit header files for iOS build

From: Ray Satiro via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:34:16 -0500

On 2/10/2016 9:38 AM, JOHAN LANTZ wrote:
> Hi
> I just moved my Win32 curl code to xCode and I am having an issue some
> of the checks in the curl headers.
> I have used for
> building curl and it does produce two sets of header files, one for 64
> bit and one for 32 bit. If I choose the 64 bit headers it works fine
> on the new iPhones but not on the 4s and the other way around.
> The failing point is these checks:
> curlrules.h:143:6: '__curl_rule_01__' declared as an array with a
> negative size
> curlrules.h:153:6: '__curl_rule_02__' declared as an array with a
> negative size

That's a failsafe, that header uses an array size -1 when a rule fails
to purposely cause the build to fail if you use the wrong headers for
the architecture. Check that you are including the right set of headers.
As C├ędric points out in his answer on SO you can roll them into one for

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