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RE: Colons in file names on VMS and OS/400 ?

From: Patrick Monnerat <>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 09:38:09 +0000

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> Hi John and Patrick,

Hi Daniel,

> As we're fixing how we save to file names with bad characters, like colons on
> windows, are there any of those on VMS or OS/400 that we should
> consider/filter out? This is really only a curl tool concern, but you're my
> go-to people for these platforms! =)

Not at all for the OS/400.
This IFS naming scheme (the one we use in curl) has only the standard path "/" meaning.
There are however some naming specific "rules" depending on the filesystem you access, but no character has a special meaning by itself.

In all cases, I will be prudent about using characters outside the 0x20-0x7E ASCII range.

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