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Creating a curl organization on github?

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2016 16:55:07 +0100 (CET)


Year ago when we transitioned from CVS to git (2010), we chose the github
route. I think we did the right choice (both in terms of tool as well as
service provider) and we've enjoyed a tremendous amount of contributions ever

Back then I just created a source code repo for my user without thinking much
about it, and it is still known as "bagder/curl" on github.

I'm now considering if the time is ripe to instead create a curl
"organization" on github and transfer the source code and web site repos to
that - and I'm interested in opions or thoughts on this.

There a few reasons why doing this makes sense to me:

- It makes the repos appear less "mine" and more "ours" - as curl is a group
   effort with a large amount contributors and team members I don't want people
   to think of it as "belonging" to me. I'm just part of the team. (But
   please, I don't intend to step down or reduce my commitments to the project,
   not at all.)

- Moving it away from my personal repo list will allow me to do pull requests
   to the project in the same style anyone else can, which is great for
   reviewing and commenting as well as experimenting with new things. github
   doesn't allow me to fork my own repos so as long as I known the repos, I
   can't do pull-requests!

- We can move the web site repo there too, and even potentially create more
   repos for other tools and expirements that we do or will do in the future.

I'm sure there are some downsides too, but I can't think of any major ones.
github is even very good at handling redirects for a while from the old
names/repos to the new ones, so existing cloned git repos will continue to
work (for a while at least, which allow us all to transition smoothly).

Unfortunately, the short name 'curl' is taken on github so the organization
name would have to become "curlproject", "curlproj" or something like that. I
don't consider that to be a very big deal though.

There's no hurry here, this is just something I've been pondering on lately.

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