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Re: help using Curl through Vagrant

From: Ray Satiro via curl-library <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2016 17:18:08 -0500

On 1/1/2016 4:20 AM, Barry via curl-library wrote:
> My specs are as follows:
> AMD Athlon II 170u
> 2.00 gigahertz
> 2.75 gigabytes usable ram
> 370 gigabytes free hard drive space
> 802.11n WPA2-Personal 4GLTE
> Netgear WNDA3100v2 N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adaptor (driver
> Windows 8.1 pro (32 bit)
> ESET Nod32 Antivirus 8.0.319.0
> Oracle VirtualBox
> HashiCorp Vagrant 1.8.1
> I'm trying to download the Data Science Toolbox from Atlas. I get the
> following error:
> Bringing machine 'default' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
> ==> default: Box 'data-science-toolbox/dst' could not be found.
> Attempting to find and install...
> default: Box Provider: virtualbox
> default: Box Version: >= 0
> vagrant : The box 'data-science-toolbox/dst' could not be found or
> At line:1 char:1
> + vagrant up
> + ~~~~~~~~~~
> + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (The box 'data-s...not be
> found or:String) [], RemoteException
> + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NativeCommandError
> could not be accessed in the remote catalog. If this is a private
> box on HashiCorp's Atlas, please verify you're logged in via
> `vagrant login`. Also, please double-check the name. The expanded
> URL and error message are shown below:
> URL: [""]
> Error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate
> More details here:
> curl performs SSL certificate verification by default, using a "bundle"
> of Certificate Authority (CA) public keys (CA certs). If the default
> bundle file isn't adequate, you can specify an alternate file
> using the --cacert option.
> If this HTTPS server uses a certificate signed by a CA represented in
> the bundle, the certificate verification probably failed due to a
> problem with the certificate (it might be expired, or the name might
> not match the domain name in the URL).
> If you'd like to turn off curl's verification of the certificate, use
> the -k (or --insecure) option.

I was unable to reproduce using Vagrant 1.8.1 in Windows 7 x64
Enterprise. I didn't have any problems retrieving that box (vagrant init
data-science-toolbox/dst & vagrant up). Vagrant 1.8.1 uses this version
of curl:

C:\HashiCorp\Vagrant\embedded\bin\curl -V
curl 7.45.0 (i386-pc-win32) libcurl/7.45.0 OpenSSL/1.0.2a zlib/1.2.8 
Protocols: dict file ftp ftps gopher http https imap imaps ldap pop3 
pop3s rtsp
scp sftp smtp smtps telnet tftp
Features: AsynchDNS IPv6 Largefile SSPI Kerberos SPNEGO NTLM SSL libz
Vagrant sets CURL_CA_BUNDLE to this certificate bundle before running 
curl commands:
## Certificate data from Mozilla as of: Wed Oct 28 04:12:04 2015
## Conversion done with version 1.25.
## SHA1: 6d7d2f0a4fae587e7431be191a081ac1257d300a
Do you get the same error if you try to access the website manually?
"C:\HashiCorp\Vagrant\embedded\bin\curl.exe" -v --cacert 
The closest thing related to what you describe is We did at one point 
have a problem verifying some trust chains but it was fixed last year. 
If you upgraded Vagrant check if you are using older versions of those 
files. Maybe they weren't updated for some reason. If they are the same 
versions then you could give us the output of the above command.

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