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Is the curl library what I need?

From: Andy Pont <>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 13:45:37 -0000


I am part way through a project developing an x86 BIOS extension that needs
to communicate with and transfer files from an Apache web server initially
using http. The network stack within the BIOS extension is lwIP and in the
future it may also include an SSL/TLS library such as WolfSSL so that we can
move to https.

The communication from the client in the BIOS extension will be to a PHP
page running under Apache/PHP but will need to include POST variables.

Is me incorporating the curl library into my BIOS extension going to
simplify or complicate what I am trying to achieve? Will it work with lwIP
or is it expecting a Windows/Linux type networking stack? The environment
is similar to the DOS implementation (config-dos.h) i.e. built with Open
Watcom v1.9 but without access to standard DOS services or a DOS based
network stack.

Just looking for some clarification that I may be able to make use of
libcurl before I waste time integrating the code or burying myself in the



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