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Re: curl_multi_info_read() returning result of CURLE_RECV_ERROR [feedly]

From: KS Lee <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 12:02:50 +0800


It looks like an error detected by OpenSSL, yes. The error message is
> similar
> to those gotten when there's a problem in the TCP layer, like a surprising
> or something.


​We rebuilt the lib curl lib using liberal 2.3.0 for Win32, and re-ran
the same tests. We are still encountering the same errors. The HTML
replies are returned in a few fragments as expected, but are
prematurely terminated by the peer.

​But, running the same code over a proxy server works (as was the case
with ​OpenSSL as well).

> Yes, but until we find the reason for the problem I think its really hard
> to
> tell why the proxy makes things differently.

​Our thinking is that the web site operator may have changed their
firewall setting to reset long-lived HTTP connections. But we still
cannot explain why the same exact program using a proxy server works.

Any advise as to what else we can do?

​Kind regards

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