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Re: the new site layout went live

From: Vadim Grinshpun <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2015 12:19:03 -0400

Good to see updates to the web page! A few thoughts after briefly
looking at it:

1. The horizontal menu works well on pages where it fits on a single
line (e.g., the main page).
On pages where the menu is split into two lines, e.g. on
.../libcurl/c/, it's a bit 'busy'.
In the old vertical layout, each item was visually separate; in the
horizontal menu, things are harder to parse at a glance, especially
given that some of the items are themselves long (e.g. "Symbols in
It might be worth considering abbreviating menu entries where possible
(i.e., Example Sources => Examples, All Functions => Index?)

2. on the libcurl API pages, some of the discoverability has been lost.
Previously, when looking at, e.g., a multi interface page, there was a
sidebar listing multi interface functions, which was very useful. That
kind of context-dependent detail
I know there's a "See Also" section, but it's at the bottom, and doesn't
have the same visual impact.

Some ideas on how to address this:
- the top menu could be a single-line, unchanging, context-independent.
Basically, something like a list of "main categories"...
- within a certain "category":
  - the selected main category would be highlighted in the top menu
  - a secondary menu, visually distinct from the main menu, would
display things that are context-specific.
I think this kind of separation would be a good thing; even the original
sidebar was confusing, because it was always changing, and the structure
was not obvious.
(as far as how to make the secondary menu visually distinct -- could be
a sidebar, or a second horizontal menu (which could be on a separate
line, or same line but colored differently), I'm sure there are other ways.

Hope this is useful!


On 06/10/15 05:26, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> Hey all,
> Thanks for the feedback. I've just pushed some 40 commits to the web
> repo and the new web site layout is live.
> Simpler, narrower, easier on the eye and decently functional even on
> small screens.
> I've greatly reduced the number of menu options on the "worst" pages.
> The "documentation" section is now split up in five different docs pages.
> I'm working on markdown-ify some of the last text documents to make
> them better when shown on the web. The INTERNALS document also got all
> the lib/README.* files basically absorbed into it. It will need some
> further polishing but is certainly moving towards a rather detailed
> guide on everything *inside* libcurl.
> I expect to have landed a couple of mistakes in the process so if you
> find problems after a day or two, please let me know since then it is
> probably something I haven't seen myself.

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