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Character encoding of string options (e.g. CURLOPT_URL)

From: Jeroen Ooms <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2015 11:27:30 +0200

I'm writing bindings to libcurl for the R programming language.
Strings in R (const char*) can be stored in one of two ways: UTF-8 or
native encoding. On unix platforms these are typically identical, but
on e.g. windows (mingw-w64) the native encoding is ISO-8859-1

There are a few places where strings form R get copied directly into
libcurl fields, such as CURLOPT_URL, CURLFORM_FILE, and
CURLFORM_COPYCONTENTS. Does it matter which encoding I use for these

I personally rarely use non-ascii urls, but I imagine it is important
for many foreign sites. Does libcurl assume a particular encoding for
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