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Re: web site polish

From: Michael Osipov <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2015 22:04:39 +0200

> Hi all,
> We get critique for the web site rather regularly and I want to try to improve
> it. The goal would be to make it easier to navigate and allow users to easier
> and quicker find what they're looking for.
> First out: the front page:
> Simpler, leaner and single-column.
> I want the main left-side menu to only have the top things a user that comes
> to the site wants. The important stuff. Did I miss any? Should I think
> differently? Any good?
> A logical next step after the front page is to discuss what we can do with the
> "docs" section which is far too cluttered and overgrown with info of various
> kinds.


have you considered a completely different approach?

People tend to use Jekyll, Awestruct or just Asciidoctor. While I have no experience
with Jekyll/Awestruct, I have quite happy with Asciidcotor for documentation. This
is what the shortcoming is all about in curl.

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