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Re: Issue with IMAP UID FETCH

From: Dionysios Kalofonos <>
Date: Wed, 07 May 2014 17:05:27 +0300

On 5/7/14, 1:53 AM, Steve Holme wrote:
> On Tue, 06 May 2014, Ray Satiro wrote:
>>> I think the areas we need to look at are as follows:
>>> * Fixed libcurl FETCH API (as you suggested in Option A)
>>> * Change the LIST command be driven off CURLOPT_DIRLISTONLY
>>> * Change current custom commands to be an override of LIST
>>> * Implement custom command support for FETCH
>>> * Implement custom command support for APPEND
>> Is any of that going to affect parsing custom results from the header
>> field? * ABC {123}\r\n the following 123 bytes aren't returned in the
>> body so right now for example I have code like this to retrieve all
>> subjects via FETCH that match "some subject" (curl 7.34.0):
> I think the short answer is no it shouldn't alter the output...

I think the opposite will be the case...

Now the CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST does not return any continuation data as
it overrides the LIST handler. Hence, it returns only the first part of
the response up to the first \r\n. However, if we fix it, it will be
handled by the FETCH handler, which will return the whole response:

* ABC {123}\r\nTHE 123 BYTES and the closing ')'

So yes the 123 bytes will be part of the response.

Dionysios Kalofonos
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