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curl_multi_remove_handle possibly broken

From: Tolga Ceylan <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 12:26:46 -0700


I'm trying to incorporate libcurl with boost::asio by following the
examples in libcurl.

When I scan the messages using curl_multi_info_read() and check for
I remove the handle (say handle x) from the message queue using;


but I don't call curl_easy_cleanup() since the handle x will be re-used.

Then here's what happens;

1) further calls into curl_multi_info_read() *still* returns handle X. As
if 'curl_multi_remove_handle'
did not take effect.

2) Later, a curl_easy_cleanup() is issued for the handle. Application
decides not to reuse the handle.

3) Then, asio sends an event for the same socket such as CURL_POLL_OUT. If
I call into curl_multi_socket_action(),
then I get this;

lib/multi.c ( line 2205 )
      if(data->magic != CURLEASY_MAGIC_NUMBER) {
        /* bad bad bad bad bad bad bad */
        return CURLM_INTERNAL_ERROR;

If I try adding 'curl_easy_cleanup()' immediately after
curl_multi_remove_handle(), then I get the same error.

But if I disable CURLMOPT_PIPELINING, things work fine. It seems like
pipelining breaks the easy handle / socket
management in libcurl where the handles are referenced/kept when they
shouldn't be.

Or if the user shouldn't remove/delete in-use pipelined handles, then how
is this communicated to the user? Is there any
way for me to ask libcurl when it is safe to remove/delete (or postpone)
these actions?

Tolga Ceylan

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