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[PATCH] OAUTH 2.0 Bearer token support SMTP/IMAP (XOAUTH2)

From: Kyle L. Huff <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 14:42:32 -0400

Good afternoon,

In the attached 4 commits I have implemented OAUTH 2.0[1] Bearer
Token[2] support to SMTP and IMAP.

This implementation allows for authentication to an SMTP or IMAP
server using only the username and an OAUTH 2.0[1] Bearer token[2].

The construction of the token format matches the GMAIL
xoauth2_protocol[3] format specifically, and may need to be broadened
to support other implementations; I do not presently have access to
other providers for testing.

None of the included changes make any attempt to implement OAUTH 2.0
for HTTP/HTTPS requests, as that is presently outside the scope of my
immediate needs.

Hopefully this is useful and versatile enough for inclusion into cURL
with minimal reworking.

I look forward to hearing about any suggested alterations/improvements.

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Kyle L. Huff

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Received on 2013-08-23