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Re: help

From: Gokhan Sengun <>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 16:25:24 +0300

> here I have a mission to use http protocol for transfer data between
> computers. the data will be transfer is binary data, not text, and I know a
> little about tcp, which allow me to define the format of binary data, or
> binary protocol. now with http, how can I do it? can anyone give me some
> advise of something as as reference?

Sorry about the previous message, it looks my nephews send the message with
my tablet :) So I take it a sign to write a few words on this question.

First, curl might just be one part of this "mission". curl is a client side
transfer library so you can not use it as a server which you will need in
your task. If your task is "just" transferring some data between computers
then an http server in one side and curl on the other side will do it.

What I suggest for you is to make some research on google (by taking
careful look at the results from stackoverflow) and try to acquire the
knowledge required for sketching the outlook for your project.

You can privately email me about specific questions but I think libcurl
mailing list is not suitable for the discussion.

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