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Re: git advice needed

From: Kamil Dudka <>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 15:38:14 +0200

On Wednesday 07 August 2013 14:49:14 John E. Malmberg wrote:
> I have been using git-patch to submit changes and then after those
> changes are committed, I want to update my local git copy with the
> current state of the curl git repository.
> With svn, all I have to do is an "svn update".
> With git, if I do a git-pull, it usually errors out because it either
> claims my local changes would be overwritten by merge or it claims that
> there are conflicts that the automatic merge can not resolve.
> When I try to see what the conflicts are, there are no visible
> differences in the files. I do not know if that is a feature of the
> cygwin implementation of git or what.
> What is the best way for me to get my local git repository to reflect
> the current trunk?
> The work around that I have is to:
> git merge --abort
> git reset HEAD^ --soft
> git reset HEAD $list-of-changed-files
> rm $list-of-changed-files
> git checkout $list-of-changed-files

In case you have no local changes you care about, just hard-reset your local
branch to the current upstream:

$ git fetch origin
$ git reset --hard origin/master

If you have some local changes you want to preserve, it would be better to
commit them first and then merge or rebase your local branch against upstream.

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