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Re: "make distclean" broken?

From: Dave Reisner <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 07:41:05 -0400

On Jul 15, 2013 10:31 PM, "Yang Tse" <> wrote:
> Nick Zitzmann wrote:
> > Yeah, I'm pretty sure something broke with the upgrade to Automake
1.14. I tried building and then running "make distclean" on another system
running an older version (1.12.x), and it worked. Then I upgraded it to
1.14, and it failed with the same error.
> Yes, currently, generation of libcurl configure script uses
> 'subdir-objects' when invoking AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE when automake 1.14 is
> used at 'buildconf' time. On the other hand it does not use the
> 'subdir-objects' option when older versions of automake are used.
> The reason for not using 'subdir-objects' with older versions is that
> I already tried it some months ago and realized that we could not use
> it back then (when automake 1.13 was bleeding edge).
> The reason for attempting to use it now with automake 1.14 or newer
> was automake 1.14 emitting now a warning saying that 'subdir-objects'
> is required to avoid future incompatibilities.
> Now it becomes obvious that the 'subdir-objects' issues existing in
> previous automake versions have not been fully addressed yet although
> automake 1.14 warning induces to think so, or at least induces to
> believe that these might get fixed.
> The 'subdir-objects' behavior (with no way to use classic mode) has
> been for a long time one of the goals of the automake project. So,
> take for granted that this is something we are going to suffer/enjoy
> sooner or later, unless automake project backs out on this one.
> Unless a newer automake is released, before next libcurl release,
> which solves at least one of the two remaining issues we'll have to do
> something on our side.
> Option one) Revert commit fe7e3229f8 and let automake 1.14 users live
> with the warning it issues relative to 'subdir-objects' not being
> used.
> Option two) Modify configure script in order to make it 'fix'
> distclean and maintainer-clean targets of generated Makefiles. Verify
> if fixing this is enough, and that the timestamp issue does not hunt
> us back.

Option three) fix Curl's automake setup, preferably moving to a
non-recursive build. I find that with every new release of AM, we're
cleaning up curl to make sure we don't fall off the trailing edge of

> Ugly.
> Just for the record, the couple of automake 1.14 issues that affect
> libcurl project when using 'subdir-objects' are:
> 1) distclean and maintainer-clean targets remove entire DEPDIR
> subdirectories, instead of removing dependency tracking files
> individually and later remove DEPDIR subdirectory when empty (this
> should work even with parallel execution).
> 2) Subdirectory timestamp files are not strictly enough for 'per
> target' object generation. These should be 'per target' timestamp
> files. Although we could probably live without these.

Does upstream automake know about these issues?

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