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Re: Makefile adjustments to solve link error (on Windows 8, VC10)

From: Guenter <>
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2013 13:47:20 +0200

Hi Boris,
On 04.07.2013 17:25, wrote:
> running on Windows 8, VC10, I had to remove the curl_rand.obj,
> and add the dotdot.obj to make the linker happy.
> With those changes both exe and lib were created successfully.
> See attached patch (for VC10, also included in the patch).
1st you cant just switch the Makefiles to use VC10 from now on - we want
to keep backward compatiblity.
2nd it would help to understand why your patch is required with VC10 if
you would post the error message you get when compiling with VC10;
and 3rd you should explain from where dotdot.* is coming from, and where
it is documented; a quick search didnt reveal anything useful, so please
tell us a bit more ...


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