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BBHTTP - a rich Cocoa wrapper for libcurl

From: Bruno de Carvalho <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 20:51:08 +0000


With the recent help from Nick Zitzmann in sorting out all the Darwin SSL related issues, BBHTTP has now reached a stable enough state to be ready for prime time.

BBHTTP is a rich wrapper for libcurl written in Objective-C for iOS 5+ and OSX 10.7+ that features a modern Objective-C syntax (Clang 3.1).

You can read more about it in the project page:

Suggestions and feedback are more than welcome as I'd love to push this library as an alternative to other similar libraries that rely on NSURLConnection, as libcurl is a far more powerful (and less buggy) "engine" to build upon.

In the process of building this project I have also made available a tool to compile libcurl for iOS and OSX:

Question: would BBHTTP be eligible to become listed on the bindings section at or is this space reserved for *true* bindings (i.e. thin layers atop of libcurl)?


Bruno de Carvalho
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Received on 2013-03-28