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RE: Problem using curl in a Apache module

From: Gary Maxwell <>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 22:08:05 +0000

> From: Dan Fandrich
> Subject: Re: Problem using curl in a Apache module
> > With APXS, I can to deploy the module into Apache, but when I try to
> restart
> > Apache, it shows me this error. "undefined symbol: curl_easy_perform.
> Action
> > 'configtest' failed."
> >
> > The module is trivial... only a example of how to made a connection
> via HTTP
> > from a Apache module to a URL.
> How are you building this module? It sounds like either
> isn't
> a dependency or it can't be found at run-time as it's loaded. ldd on
> the binary
> module would tell you both.

You need the following in your httpd.conf file prior to the LoadModule
directive which loads your module:

LoadFile /usr/local/lib/

Obviously, replace the path and library name with the one you
actually linked your module against.

More details at

Good luck!

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