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Re: VMS fixes needed to allow building.

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 12:23:47 +0100

On Wed, Mar 13, John E. Malmberg <> wrote:

> I have a git clone in one directory tree now and it has the command
> procedures needed to build the .h files. I have not tested them.
> I can not run autoconf on VMS to generate the configure and
> lib/curl_config_in.
> [...]
> I pulled down the March 13th, 2013 snapshot and unpacked it. It is also
> missing the VMS specific build files in the packages/vms directory that I
> can see in the git repository.

Fixed now with commit:

March 14 daily snapshot should include them now.

Something I've noticed about the build process... attempts to generate file curlbuild.h. But the
file it generates is not a proper one. It has dependencies on several
HAVE_* preprocessor macros which is wrong for curlbuild.h.

Given that it is not possible to run autoconf, I suggest you make
direct use of curlbuild.h if it exists (daily and release tarballs),
and simply copy curlbuild.h.dist to curlbuild.h when it doesn't exist
(git pull).

This will also ensure that whatever changes are done to
curlbuild.h.dist are automatically taken in account for VMS builds,
without someone having to figure out that VMS builds get broken.

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