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Re: step 0 of simplessl.c

From: Dennis Clarke <>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 16:01:16 -0500

firstly .. thank you for the quick reply !

> On Sat, 23 Feb 2013, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> > However, right away this sample code says I need a client certificate?
> The sample code uses a client certificate, yes. This is rarely used in
> real life.

Hrmmm .. probably can't hurt however. I have a few servers here and some
of them have Verisign SSL certs on them for the Apache 2.4.x daemons. I
also have a build and test server that I have a self signed SSL cert on it for
Apache and thought, okay, maybe I have to gen a client cert from that.

> > Do I need to go to verisign and get one of theirs or can I use
> openssl to
> > gen my own and that will be fine?
> None of that.

good stuff :-)

> Client certificates are issued by the (admins of the) server you want to access.

ick ... in that case I will have a problem as I won't have access to the admins
of most of the world right ;-)

maybe this line of code could be .. commented out or a "really_simplessl.c" code
fragment created.

> Try this brief certificate overview:

Will do. Thank you. Hope you don't mind the silly questions. I want to get a bit
of code up and running that actually does something and I am going to start from
ground zero here.

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