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Questions on wifi portal login

From: Ben Greear <>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 08:47:18 -0800

I've been trying to get a slightly hacked version of curl to do
an automated login to a wifi hotspot type of thing, but to date,
I'm not having too much luck.

I suspect part of the problem might be javascript related, but maybe
it's user error. The final page I get from the AP talks about enabling
cookies..though it seems they are properly enabled in curl.

Does anyone see anything obviously wrong with this script below?

And second, are there any suggestions for doing something like scripting
a 'real' browser such as firefox or google-chrome so that any funny javascript
stuff is automatically taken care of? I'd have to integrate c-ares and
hack the device & IP bindings into a not sure how hard
that would be...

use strict;

my $dev = $ARGV[0];
my $ip4 = $ARGV[1];
my $ip6 = $ARGV[2];
my $dns = $ARGV[3];
my $mgt_pipe = $ARGV[4];

my $rslt = "OK";

print "IFUP-POST: dev: $dev ip4: $ip4 ip6: $ip6 dns: $dns mgt-pipe: $mgt_pipe\n";

# Add whitelist for which interfaces we are interested in.
# Could read this from a file for more flexibility.
my @devs = (); # Fix this before the script will really do anything
#my @devs = ("wlan0", "sta1", "sta2", "sta3");
my @username = ("username", "username", "username", "username");
my @passwd = ("passwd", "passwd", "passwd", "passwd");
my $login_url = ""; # Assume we'll get a portal redirect

my $cookie = "/tmp/${dev}_cookie.txt";

my $i;
for ($i = 0; $i<@devs; $i++) {
   if ($devs[$i] eq $dev) {
     # Add logic here to access wifi portal web pages, etc.
     # Bind to interface and IP address or it may not work as desired.
     my $un = $username[$i];
     my $pd = $passwd[$i];

     # Default to fail..set to OK if we log in properly.
     $rslt = "FAIL";

     my $dns_srv = "";
     if ($dns ne "NA") {
       $dns_srv = "--dns_servers $dns";
     my $curl_args = "./local/bin/curl -c $cookie -b $cookie -L --insecure -4 --include --interface if!$dev --localaddr $ip4 $dns_srv --dns_interface $dev
--dns_ipv4_addr $ip4";

     print "Command -:$curl_args $login_url:-\n";
     my $page = `$curl_args $login_url`;
     print "Result for url: $login_url -:$page:-\n";
     if ($page =~ /.*Location:\s+(\S+).*/g) {
       # Re-direct
       my $url = $1;
       print "Got URL: $url\n";
       $url =~ s/gateway/Login.action/g;
       $page = `$curl_args $url`;
       print "Result for url: $url -:$page:-\n";
       if ($page =~ /.*sessionid=(\S+)\".*/g) {
        my $session_id = $1;
        # Now, post the login-id
        my $cmd = "$curl_args -d \"$un&guestUser.password=$pd&redirect=&switch_url=&err_flag=&byodSessionId=$session_id&byodAction=\" $url";
        print "Curl command: $cmd\n";
        $page = `$cmd`;
        print "Result for (POST) url: $url -:$page:-\n";
        $rslt = "OK";

Ben Greear <>
Candela Technologies Inc
List admin:
Received on 2013-02-22