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Help, before I cry myself to death

From: Jesse Nicholson <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 23:23:45 -0500

I'm wondering if there is some way that CURL does local caching of HTTP
content? I'm developing an app that fetches up small html files and my
server is giving them to CURL through Amazon CloudFront. I had no issue
till today, when I realized that my server wasn't passing along the
following in the headers:

rep.headers[2].name = "Cache-Control";
rep.headers[2].value = "max-age=86400";

I added these headers today, recompiled my server application and Amazon
finally started caching, for the first time (duh, pretty dumb bug). Anyway
now that this is being passed in the headers, it would seem that CURL has
learned to cache the objects locally somehow as well. I cannot find any
documentation talking about this even being possible, so I'm starting to
wonder if I'm going crazy. To give a little more nfo, I told amazon to
flush the cache on a particular html file. I confirmed that the new content
is coming through on every single browser on my computer. However, when I
log the output from CURL, it's still loading the old cached data. I have no
idea what in the heck is happening... and any insight would be greatly
appreciate. Thanks,

Jesse Nicholson

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